Aug. 8th, 2007

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I'm still grabbing back things I lost when my HDD ate itself in January and thought I would share some links. Just in case anyone on my friend's list has missed these Teal'c vids in the past, a few recs:

The wonderful Beth of Dedicated to Stargate (SG-1 has an excellent Teal'c vid. It's to Evanescence's 'Bring Me To Life' but even though that song has been used so often, I think Beth makes it feel completely new and shiny in the way she has matched the lyrics so perfectly to Teal'c. Click

I also really love this fun Wimsy vid Celebration with Teal'c getting over working for Apophis and the most perfectly appropriate/inappropriate song choice. (Fourth vid down.)

And a hearty recommendation for this gorgeous, angsty Teal'c vid by the brilliant Barkley. I'm watching this one pretty much on a permanent loop right now. A wonderful reminder of how moving and complex Teal'c's choices were all the way back in S1. Barkley has given me permission to put up a link and the passwords, too, which are as so:

Barkley's vids
User name: hiro
Password: protagonist

The Teal'c vid is fourteen vids down in the Stargate column:
Gortoz A Ran (J'Attends) - Denez Prigent and Lisa Gerrard
Teal'c makes some choices. (I also recommend all of Barkley's other vids. 'Never Die Young' still makes me cry and want to give poor Jack a hug even five years after 'Meridian'.)

ETA Another excellent vid here, with some really gorgeous clips of Teal'c (and Jack) that really beautifully captures the depth of the bond between Jack and Teal'c:
vidder: [ profile] janedavitt
vid: Jack/Teal'c "Brothers in Arms" (Dire Straits)

(And if you like these vids as much as I do, please give the vidders feedback. It can take months of work to make vids as amazing as these.)

I would love any more recs anyone has either for music vids that are either Teal'c by himself or Teal'c/Someone.


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