Nov. 9th, 2007

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The good people on Whedonesque have been sending pizza to the striking writers and are in the process of getting a site up so that people can make contributions.

Also from Whedonesque, this site has icons available for fans (of many shows and rising) to show their support for the writers.

There is a (first) post from Joss Whedon here: and a second one here:

Edward Allen Bernero of 'Criminal Minds' made an excellent post setting out the issues here:

I would also recommend:

The Writers Strike And What It Means For You

United Hollywood Blogspot

The Pencils Down ad put out by the Writers Guild of America, West

Stephen Falk's blog Plaintive Wail


Nikki Finke's blog is fabulous and should be checked out every day.

There has been so much biased reporting from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IMDB, The LA Times etc etc that it's wonderful to see the way the Internet that is being fought over has turned into a weapon for the writers.

This video (in which the same studios who claim to be too unsure of how the Internet will impact on their business to be able to offer the writers a percentage of the non-existent profits they claim to be making tell people how much money they're making from digital and downloads and how much they expect to be making in the future) is a must see:


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