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I am total music video ho. I'm currently impatiently awaiting the arrival of the lastest Escapade vids but have been watching old ones and looking for new ones in the interim. Incidentally, am I the only person who hates YouTube with the heat of a thousand suns? I like vids one can download and watch over and over, preferably in as close to DVD quality as possible. YouTube just dangles vids tantalisingly under one's nose and then whips them away again.

Two really imaginative fantasy vids here (last two on page) one all fantasy, and one LoTRxLadyhawkexThe Mummy ReturnsxWillow: Fantasy Music Vids

A beautiful LoTR vid here: Widowing Field

(And for those who want to see an excellent Stargate SG-1 vid to the same track, go here JayEm's Music Vids)

And I've only just checked for update's on [livejournal.com profile] astartexx's LJ and she has several that are new to me including a Wesley/Gunn vid (yay! there are too few of these), a Wesley/Cordelia vid (squee! and way too few of these!) and the first Lorne vid that I've seen. All wonderful (as are all her past vids) all here: Astarte's Music Vids

My favourite House/Wilson vid so far is located here: Strangest Land

I also have to rec two excellent "Without a Trace" vids by by [livejournal.com profile] carson_leigh. The first is a sweet Danny/Martin vid (includes spoilers for S4 premier "Showdown") located here: You and Me and the second is a general WaT vid to be found on her site here (also contains S4 spoilers): Carson Leigh Music Vids

And for other music video hos like me, the ever wonderful [livejournal.com profile] charmax always has terrific videos of her own (check out 'Why I'm Here' in 'Angel videos' for the most incredible Wesley vid at bronze-ambition.net) and now also has a list of music video recs here: Music video recs by Charmax


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